The Wiz is a prominent member of Alcoholics Anonymous and an amateur tattoo artist. He provided guest vocals on Callin' Chess Brothers (Fill for Tea Version).

The Laptop Edit

One time, Scott the Child Molester decided it would be a good idea to steal his brother's girlfriend's very expensive laptop (she was a lawyer) while she wasn't looking. Presumably, this is why his brother kicked his ass a while after that. Scott frantically brought the laptop to the Wiz, and told him he needed to store it at his place so the cops wouldn't find it. The Wiz agreed. Tarvis came over to inspect the stolen merchandise. Tarvis told the Wiz that it was password protected, so they wouldn't be able to use it unless he reformated the hard drive. Even if that didn't work, Tarvis could salvage the parts. The Wiz agreed. A few days later, Anus came over and got drunk with the Wiz. They went for a walk down to the river, and the Wiz brought the laptop in a backpack. Anus told the Wiz that he would get in trouble for holding onto stolen property, and that the laptop needed to be destroyed. The Wiz agreed. The Wiz punched the screen, and threw the laptop in the river. Tarvis was upset.

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