The Understand Mentality (Barta Gretek Records catalogue #BG008) is the only album, released 16 May 2008, by the band group Old Saint Nick & DJ Judge Reinhold. The album was recorded at Paste Studios.

Track ListEdit

All songs written by Old Saint Nick & DJ Judge Reinhold, except where noted

  1. Kennedy Freestyle
  2. Suburban Sunrise (Demo Version)
  3. Suburban Sunrise
  4. Da Jelly Man
  5. Suburban Sunrise (Live)
  6. Da Jelly Man (Live)
  7. Area Codes (Live)
    • words written by D. Davis, K. Hilson, J. Jones, R. Walters, and C. Bridges
    • music written by Jazze Pha
  8. Da Jelly Man (Instrumental Version)
  9. Da Jelly Man (A Cappella Version)

Band group lineup for this releaseEdit

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