The Ska Kids were the primary antagonists of the Barta Gretek community.


Creation of the HordeEdit

At one point, there were two groups of Ska Kids. The Lobster Rockets attended Del Campo High School, and ruled the school with their hit song, Radio. Soon, they met up with another Ska band group: For Pete's Sake. The two band groups decided to merge, and their followers began to mingle. A new band group called She's a Dead Man formed, removing DJ Does a Good Job and Hick Nanks from the band roster. The hierarchy of the group changed significantly, with Mikey France becoming the unquestioned leader. Several members, such as Collin Chess Brother, were pushed to the bottom of the hierarchy.

Hostilities BeginEdit

While the proto-Barta Gretek community was friendly with the SADMites, problems began to arise. First, Christopher Jacobs decided to slowly transform into a Ska Kid. This was not initially a problem, as the two groups got along reasonably well. However, Christopher realized he could better his reputation in the group by offering his parents' back yard as a permanent hangout for the Ska Kids. Of course, his obsolete group of friends was no longer welcome. Christopher also offered plenty of criticism regarding Barta Gretek's dealings with 14-Year-Old Girl and Deezy Beezy (who are both currently Ska Kids, due to Barta Gretek's abandonment). Still, the two groups stayed on good terms.

Eventually, soon after the formation of That's Adultery and Barta Gretek Records, Mikey France declared a fatwa against the Barta Gretekers for reasons that remain unknown.

Battle of the Pumpkins and BandsEdit

She's a Dead Man planned to win the upcoming Battle of the Bands at Club Retro. However, Drinkus asked the Barta Gretek community to come and support Vyncent Flaw, who were close friends of his. Tarvis, The Flesh of Bulls, That Ignorant, Ignorant Cowboy, KA47, Deezy Beezy, and 14-Year Old Girl came to the concert and voted for Vyncent Flaw. Even though the SADMites most likely brought a lot more people, and the judges didn't like them, they still blamed the Barta Gretekers, particularly Tarvis, for their failure. Somehow, the Ska Kids began to believe that Tarvis had forced Deezy Beezy and 14-Year-Old Girl to stuff the ballot box, causing Vyncent Flaw to win. While there was no reason for them to believe this, it stuck, and the mob sought revenge.

At the same time, Thundercunt had recently betrayed Barta Gretek and started dating Collin Chess Brother. With the help of Christopher Jacobs (none of the others knew where Tarvis lived), a mob patrolled Tarvis' neighborhood, knocking over garbage cans on several lawns to make sure they hit the right one. Tarvis was unhappy about this undeserved punishment, and using some confidential information leaked to him by 14-Year-Old Girl, he devised a scheme to cause internal struggle among the Ska Kids, and perhaps get some money out of it in the process. Tarvis learned that while one group was pushing over garbage cans, another group including DJ Does a Good Job had thrown a pumpkin at a car in another neighborhood.

Tarvis began to claim that the car belonged to his father, that he had known who threw it because of Thundercunt, and that it would cost $250 to pay the deductible. The Ska Kids, ignoring some of the obvious holes in the story, absolutely believed it. DJ Does a Good Job, feeling bad about the situation, began leaking his conversations with Mikey France to Tarvis. Mikey France completely blamed DJ Does a Good Job, and frantically tried to come up with a way to avoid paying for the damages. Nietzsche folded immediately, saying that he had nothing to do with the pumpkin, but admitting in the process that he knew something about it. Deezy Beezy and 14-Year-Old Girl were removed from the Barta Gretek community for unrelated reasons around this time, and began to tell DJ Does a Good Job the truth. Interestingly enough, he continued to believe Tarvis' story over theirs. Thundercunt was branded a liar, and several relationships within the Ska Kid group had been damaged. While Tarvis didn't receive the money he was entitled to, it was still pretty funny.

The Hataz, They Hate Us!Edit

Mikey made it clear that he didn't like Barta Gretek Records by denying a friend request from Kill Harbert on MySpace. "Another 'look at me, we're silly' band? Get a life!" said Mikey. Clearly, a virtuoso such as himself couldn't be bothered with such a thing! Still, Mikey with several of his comrades attended the first indoor That's Adultery show. About halfway through, they stood up and left the garage without saying a word. Mikey then shut off the power in the middle of That's Adultery's cover of "Benjamin Franklin Music" by Grand Buffet. The Penis He Thought Was His Own began to plot his revenge.

Upon learning the intended name of the next ska band group, Bear Witness to the Sky's Descent, Penis created a fake MySpace for a fictional band called Bear Witness to the Sky's Descent, based in San Francisco. Mikey came across this, and was amazed and disappointed to find that his perfect name had been taken already.

Mikey later learned that this act of deception was the work of Penis, and decided that Penis was a cruel person for cheating Mikey out of his creation. In response to this, Penis reminded Mikey of the powerbombing. Perhaps Mikey should instead be grateful that Penis kept him from using such a fucking goofy band name. Oh wait.


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