The Organ of Adhesiveness (Barta Gretek Records catalogue #BG002) is the first album by band group David Paste. It was recorded in less than 24 hours, starting on 16 October 2007, and released on 17 October 2007. None of its songs contain decipherable lyrics, with the exception of "Bread". The album cover was designed by The Penis He Thought Was His Own from an mspainting of Anus mspainted by NEDM.

Band group lineup for this releaseEdit

  • The Penis He Thought Was His Own

Track ListEdit

All songs written by David Paste, except where noted

  1. The Organ of Adhesiveness
  2. Since Vanilla
  3. Carbonated Telephone Conversation
  4. Scrambled Legs!
  5. Oktober
  6. Lemon Roots
  7. In the Flesh?
    • lyrics and music written by Roger Waters
  8. Bread
  9. 103 4879
  10. Him & Him
  11. Laundry