The Great Reveal was an act of treason perpetrated by Anus. Anus intentionally brought about events that he knew would ruin Old Saint Nick as a plaything and transform him into a corn husk. The Great Reveal ushered in the end of the Blair Mangelli Project, although Project-like activities would continue for a short time after its cessation. The Great Reveal constitutes Anus' most trying victory against the creeping threat of "happiness for all," and the last victory of his brief lifetime. The only triumph that even comes close to measuring up is Anus' reverse psychological tactic at the Battle of Valdez Creek, in which he admitted to twisting the hood ornament.

Reasons Edit

  • Anus was jealous and wanted to be in the Barta Gretek club.
  • Anus is a vindictive and cruel motherfucker.
  • Anus wanted to play with Barta Gretek's cool new toy.
  • Anus is greedy and knew that Old Saint Nick would be captive to his whims if Anus afforded him a favor.
  • Anus knew that he could package The Great Reveal as sympathy for a disabled moron in a time of crisis.

The Great Reveal Edit

The fourth trial of the Blair Mangelli Project was underway and Anus, having just learned about the previous three trials via the video documentation of the hectic third trial, begged and begged to be involved with the next one. Anus wished desperately to drive Old Saint Nick to his doom. As soon as Barta Gretek insiders agreed to allow him to drive Old Saint Nick, the gears in his head started whirring, conjuring all sorts of fantastical scenarios. Although Anus is moron, there is one thing that he's good at. That thing is looking out for himself and screwing everyone else over in the process. Anus knew that the major players in the Barta Gretek circle considered him useless, obsolete trash. "I'll show them," he thought. The gears in his myopic little mind began whirring faster, as every time Anus gets an inch he must gobble down a mile. He noticed the tests that were being run on Old Saint Nick were proof of his profound gullibility, now the act he planned had two benefits. Anus then, on the day of the fourth trial, spilled the beans about the entire Blair Mangelli Project to Nick, and various other fibs and fables that he had previously believed. This broke the Old Saint's life. Now the Greteks could no longer carry out their diabolical experiements, Anus had made sure to suck all of the fun out of their pathetic lives. Now, too, Anus had earned the trust of Nick, who he proceeded to manipulate in just as terrible a fashion as the Greteks had, but instead attacked his physical health with exotic drugs and his parents wallet with nothing but the bonds of naive trust. Well played, Anus.