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The Flesh of Bulls is the front man and one of the founding members of That's Adultery. Flesh has come to know himself as a self-loathing narcissist who, despite his better nature, despises generally everyone for petty and minuscule reasons. He finds himself largely uninteresting and has come to terms with that fact. Instead of opting to make himself interesting, he has opted to primarily sit alone in his room writing wikis about himself. Flesh has done a fair amount of despicable things in the past and is ashamed that he is proud of them.

History Edit

Early Life Edit

Flesh was born in Citrus Heights, California and was a tiny and malnourished looking baby. For the remainder of his life, he would be coddled and pampered by his parents, causing him to grow soft, boring, largely an unabashed idiot. Outside influences from school and various summer day camps taught Flesh to be cruel to other humans. There were, however, notable times when his empathy superseded his cruelty. One year at the Summer Day Camp Flesh attended in his youth, there was another boy named Troy. Troy was broad and fat, but his most distinguishing feature was his acute mental retardation. The white trash, hick motherfuckers whose parents signed them up for summer day camp loved to fucking pick on this kid until his fat frame was nothing but tender, shaking bones. One day, on a trip to the public pool, everyone was splashing water at Troy and taunting him like the evil little monsters they were. Flesh joined in and jeered like a spineless imp for a moment, and then recognized that his nerdy friend from Ohio named David was the only one defending Troy. Flesh looked into Troy's face and only then did he recognize the sheer pain and grief that this ostracism reflected in the towering beast of a pre-teen. The tears sparkling in Troy's eyes, his arms limp, shoulders sagging and his mouth curled into a hideous woebegon guffaw all struck Flesh in a peculiar way. He then pushed forward past the filth and trash and stood with David in front of Troy, taking the splashes and meekly requesting that the trash stop with that shit. Flesh's request went disrespected and the splashes continued until the dumpster dwellers lost interest. He doesn't know if his actions that day made things any better for Troy, but he wishes from the bottom of his heart that maybe the big ol' retard recognized decency in at least the two boys who stood by his side. Every time Flesh is perpetrating some cruel taunt, tease or prank, he remembers Troy, mouth agape and on the verge of tears. He thinks of Troy's parents and how they must feel about it, and he applies it to the current subject of his taunt. Sometimes he realizes his mistake, and sometimes he carries through with it. He wishes he wouldn't.

Late History Edit

Flesh joined That's Adultery to get away from his life and to keep him busy. In recent days, the loneliness all but consumes him. On days like these he feels like Troy being splashed by the water. Every frolicking faggot in the world tossing chlorinated piss water into his face. This is life for the Flesh of Bulls.


Treacherous ice cream cone faggot!


Allegations of Obsessive Pedophilia, Closet Homosexuality and Near-Lethal MasochismEdit

they're true

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