The Cards are objects. The Flesh of Bulls and Tarvis spent hours and hours of valuable class time drawing the cards, figuring out the rules of the game, and deciding what type each card was. The game was similar to the Pokémon trading card game, with several basic types.

Types Edit

  • Douchebag - Most people that could be considered "normal" fall into the douche category. It can mean an obnoxious, abrasive personality, but does not require it. Very common.
  • Fat - Overweight. Most likely has experienced some form of ridicule because of this. Very common
  • Dumb - Below average intelligence. "Dumb" is almost as close to "normal" as the douchebag type. Very common.
  • Drug - Obvious chemical dependency. Common.
  • Lascivious - Will most likely end up on Megan's Law at some point. Lascivious individuals are usually thinking about how to trick people into engaging in sexual activity with them, with varying degrees of effectiveness. Common.
  • Creepy - A collection of several negative personality traits. Creepy people have little respect for boundaries, will act inappropriate in social situations, and smell their socks after they take them off. Common.
  • Foreign - From a far off land, or at very least, an ethnic minority. Uncommon.
  • Nerdy - Interested in politics, math, or Starcraft. Will put these interests before normal ones, like drugs or sexual activity. Uncommon.
  • Deformed - Very strange appearance. May include birth defects or missing body parts. Uncommon.


Rules Edit

We haven't really figured those out yet, but basically, each card has a list of attacks that requires a certain number of energy cards to use. Each attack inflicts damage, which is subtracted from the hit point value of the opponent card. When HP hits zero, the card DIES and is thrown in the DEATH PILE.

Where are the cards now? Edit

Recently, the cards were found, and Tarvis and The Flesh of Bulls began working on new ones.

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