That's Adultery merchandise is merchandise that should appeal to fans of That's Adultery.

T-Shirts Edit


I just LOVE my new That's Adultery t-shirt from!

The first That's Adultery t-shirt can be ordered on The design was conceptualized by The Flesh of Bulls and realized by Moldy. This t-shirt features the words "That's Adultery" in green next to a picture of dancing Jim Crow. These t-shirts were designed shortly after the release of Woods Are Wet.

The second batch of That's Adultery shirts were designed and realized near the end of recording Prostitution, Promiscuity and a Bunch of Other Things. Rather than going through Zazzle and paying ridiculous prices for their own shirts, members of That's Adultery decided to cut out stencils and spray-paint custom designs onto plain t-shirts. Three designs were available. The Old Saint Nick design was a stencil of Old Saint Nick's face with a collar and tie at his neck, and the name of the band group. The Jameson Mitchell design was a stencil of Jameson Mitchell's face, one of his quotable quotes written in fabric pen at the base, and the name of the band group. The The Adult design was an image of The Adult and the name of the band group.

Longboard Edit

Only one That's Adultery longboard exists, making this item extremely valuable and rare. The board belongs to Superfan Will and was produced specifically for him.