That's Adultery is the most prominent band group on the Barta Gretek roster. They primarily dabble in the hip hop dippity dop style of music.

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That's Adultery was formed by The Flesh of Bulls and The Penis He Thought Was His Own in Fair Oaks, California. After watching television one humble morning, Flesh wanted to create music that was not only new and intuitive, but ergonomic as well. Flesh consulted with The Penis, and the two of them decided to start a band named after a series of Japanese cereal commercials.

Humble Middles Edit

The Flesh of Bulls quit the, so The Penis He Thought Was His Own and That Ignorant, Ignorant Cowboy had no choice but to turn That's Adultery into a Blink-182 cover band.

Humble Ends Edit

Instead of preparing for their upcoming show in Folsom Prison, the members of That's Adultery created a wiki instead.

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That's Adultery performed in Folsom, then again in San Francisco. They need to finish more music at a faster pace.


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