From left to right: The Flesh of Bulls, Superfan Will and MC Yahweh

Superfan Will is a That's Adultery superfan.

A Chance Encounter Edit

Superfan Will was walking home from school one day down a suburban Fair Oaks, California street when he was summoned into a nearby garage by some mysterious and sketchy characters. The characters happened to be The Penis He Thought Was His Own and The Flesh of Bulls, and they asked if Superfan Will would like to purchase a custom-made That's Adultery t-shirt.

Excited by the prospect of "friends," objects that he had never before been able to quite get a hold of, Superfan Will agreed to purchase a shirt. But he didn't stop there. Superfan Will lifted his longboard into the air and asked if The Penis He Thought Was His Own would stencil the Manjelly logo onto it. The Penis He Thought Was His Own agreed and the first official That's Adultery skateboard hit the streets.

The That's Adultery band groupmates gave each other looks like "what the fuck did we get ourselves into?" and wished this freaky kid would just leave them alone already. Then Will's phone rang, and he began talking to someone, whom he asked for a ride. Then he started telling this someone where to pick him up from: "Yeah, dude! You know that really disgustingly ugly green house? Yeah, the one that looks like shit and vomit? I know, seriously, what the hell? Yeah, I'm there; isn't that wacky? Pick me up!" Then he hung up.

Superfan Will stayed for a while longer to actually listen to a song after decking himself out in sweet gear. Upon listening to "Drink a Bite to Eat at Ten, Two and Four O'Clock", he claimed that the chorus was slightly obnoxious, but regardless he was still the biggest That's Adultery fan ever. He has limply contended with Superfan Kendies for this title ever since. Finally, he left, but only to return several months later.

The Return of Superfan WillEdit

Several months later, a little while after The Penis He Thought Was His Own moved out of the disgustingly ugly green house, Will came back. They thought he was a goner, but Will came back. He knocked on the door, blood packet ready in mouth. The Penis He Thought Was His Own's mother opened the door and said "Oh, I remember you." Will asked where The Penis He Thought Was His Own was. She told him that he had gone away to college. Looking for a way to get into the house, Will asked if he could spit the blood out in the bathroom sink. The Penis's mother said "Sure." Will entered, and as soon as she had her back to him he clubbed her over the head with his video camera. When she came to, she was bound and gagged. Will demanded that she give him The Penis's new phone number, or else. She told him she'd have to ask The Penis about that. Heartbroken, Will retreated.