ska is a musical genre that has gone through many forms throughout its existence. The most notable form is funs ka, a branch pioneered by She's A Dead Man. The Ska Kids were the biggest fans of ska ever, until they moved on and began listening to EXPERIMENTAL PROGRESSIVE POST-SKA instead.

Everybody Loves Ska! Edit

Everybody in MY book.


Quotable Quotes Edit

Collin Chess Brother: This is funky jump, big yo.

Nietzsche: Is it going, is it going?

Collin Chess Brother: Oh, it's going, it's going, it's going

Nietzsche: Aw, it's on!

Collin Chess Brother: Are you ready to start?

Nietzsche: It's on! It is on.

Collin Chess Brother: Hey. Oh yeah. HI ROB.

Collin Chess Brother: Heyy!

Nietzsche: Vagina.

Molly Man Eeaahh

Collin Chess Brother: What? Hey, LET'S GO!

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