Sacramento, California is a city that serves as the base of operations for Barta Gretek Records. However, most (all) of the action takes place in its suburbs.

List of Notable Areas Edit

Fair Oaks Edit

Fair Oaks is a city orbiting Sacramento and is the census-designated area where Barta Gretek Records was actually founded. Notable places in Fair Oaks include David's Garage, Kristin Taylor's Living Room, Paste Studios, Montview Park, Del Campo High School, and Superb Pizza.

Citrus Heights Edit

Citrus Heights is a city orbiting Sacramento. Notable places in Citrus Heights include Jeff Mangelli's Garage, Circuit City and Donut King.

Orangevale Edit

Orangevale is a city orbiting Sacramento. Notable places in Orangevale include Club Retro and Jarod’s House of Endearment.

Roseville Edit

Roseville is a city orbiting Sacramento. Notable places in Roseville include Royer Park and A1 Comics. It's also a giant fucking maze and Tarvis has gotten lost in the city with different pals on multiple occasions.

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