Prostitution, Promiscuity and a Bunch of Other Things is That's Adultery's first full-length album. The album features twelve tracks, including a rendition of City High's "What Would You Do?" as the finisher, partially referencing its constant use as the finale of the band group's live performances.

Album Cover Edit

The album cover for Prostitution, Promiscuity and a Bunch of Other Things is a photograph of a scruffy Tarvis of Kill Harbert clutching a unit of currency in his bony fingers. The photograph was shot by 14-Year-Old Girl under the backdrop of an eerily foreboding department store. The uniform racks rise above Tarvis's scrawny figure and suffocate the viewer, dominating the picture plane, and probably connoting some higher artistic significance relating to the band group's existential themes. But probably not. The porcelain-skinned arm of Deezy Beezy pokes out from the bottom right corner of the image, gripping a knife casually. This may reference the title of the album, a sly nod to the crime of prostitution but, then again, no one knows.

Album Title Edit

Prostitution, Promiscuity and a Bunch of Other Things is named after some thing some guy said in some youtube video. I can't remember whether it was That Ignorant, Ignorant Cowboy or The Penis He Thought Was His Own who initially stumbled upon the video, so someone please fix this part of the article so it a. has correct information and b. is not written in first person.

Track ListEdit

All tracks written by That's Adultery, except where noted

  1. Drink a Bite to Eat at Ten, Two and Four O'Clock
  2. Nocturnal Missions
    • guest vocals by Tarvis
    • contains samples from
  3. After a Dead Dog... After a Flea
    • contains samples from "Cosmic Vagina" by
  4. Vitamin D Harris
    • contains samples from
  5. Go, Go, Second-Time Virgin
    • contains samples from
  6. Stop! (By the Woodworks)
  7. Autumn in Empire
    • contains samples from
  8. Chest Register
    • contains samples from
  9. Callin' Chess Brothers (Fill for Tea Version)
  10. The Goalkeeper's Fear of the Penalty
  11. School in the Crosshairs
  12. What Would You Do?
    • lyrics and music written by Snoop Dogg and Wyclef Jean
    • keyboard by Ball King '08

Band group lineup for this releaseEdit