Present day OreoKikiBaby


OreoKikiBaby in 2004

OreoKikiBaby is a man of many forms. In 2002, he started his own hip/hop rock band called Grossum online. They disbanded the very next hour. In 2004, OreoKikiBaby met a girl who was into the gothic lifestyle and decided the very same day he was a demon and turned to the dark side, listening only to the brutalist doom funeral pyro cunt sludge fuck metal known to man. Rumors circulated that OreoKikiBaby listened to so much metal that he thought he was possessed by demons and cut off his cat's ears for sheer fun. OreoKikiBaby broke up with said girl on and off for the next 2 months but remained a demon for three years to come. After dropping out of high school and the death of his precious prize winning earless cat, he ditched his demon lifestyle upcomings after many years of blueballs and went to the next trendy fashion for men in 2008, the ghetto white boy look, and has never been seen again.

Notes Edit

  • Once operated his own forum for a couple months.
  • Spit a caramel apple at NEDM by Boomerang at Six Flags because he was mad Kong broke down.
  • Once suggested buying a ninja suit so he could sneak on the roof of his house and watch his mom's friend take a shit.
  • Owns a fleshlight.
  • He hass bumps on hees cock

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