Old Saint Nick vs. The Flesh of Bulls was an intense feud between two That's Adultery band groupmates and best friends that came to a head in early 2008.

Causes Edit

Background Edit

Old Saint Nick stopped caring for The Flesh of Bulls long before The Great Reveal. This was probably due to the fact that The Flesh of Bulls could have what Old Saint Nick couldn't, and Old Saint Nick believed that he had had it. During The Great Reveal, Old Saint Nick decided that The Flesh of Bulls was probably the easiest target and decided to make a statement and get back at those mean jerks! In a passionate and palsy-fueled rage, Old Saint Nick thought that he was tough shit, that MC Yahweh was loyal to him, and that he could win Tango Charlie's heart back with a well executed punch, a demonstration of his manhood.

The Incident Edit

The Monday morning after The Great Reveal, MC Yahweh walked into The Flesh of Bulls's American Government class, and gave him a note. The note informed The Flesh of Bulls that Old Saint Nick wanted to "swing on all us bitches." At lunch that day, it became quite obvious that Old Saint Nick indeed wanted to swing on said bitches. The Flesh of Bulls, The Penis He Thought Was His Own, Tarvis, MC Yahweh, and That Ignorant, Ignorant Cowboy tried to convince Old Saint Nick that they were not responsible for The Blair Mangelli Project, but even someone as gullible as Old Saint Nick could tell that they were liars. Old Saint Nick started acting threatening towards Tarvis, and "getting in his face" at one point. Tarvis, however, did not realize Old Saint Nick was trying to be intimidating, because he was giving a rather poor performance. Old Saint Nick gave a speech, as if he were a James Bond villain confessing his diabolical scheme, just before attempting to execute 007. "And you know who's voice I heard?" inquired Old Saint Nick. "This fool, right here." Old Saint Nick's frail, palsied hand shifted towards The Flesh of Bulls, and his sausage of an index finger began to quiver with disease. Old Saint Nick demanded that The Flesh of Bulls stand up immediately, under the threat of being "decked." The Flesh of Bulls stood up and was "decked" anyway. Being a fatbody, he was holding food in both of his hands, and could not adequately defend himself against Old Saint Nick's equal mass. Old Saint Nick delivered a half-assed palsy punch to The Flesh of Bulls's temple, and awkwardly lay on top of him, ready to kill. Tarvis, partially out of concern for The Flesh of Bulls's well-being, but mostly wanting to hurt Old Saint Nick because it would be funny, delivered a right hook to the side of Old Saint Nick's head. Old Saint Nick's glasses flew several yards away onto a small patch of grass. Old Saint Nick, like a Bristlenose Catfish latched onto an algae-covered fish tank, would not release The Flesh of Bulls from his death grip. Tarvis started kicking Old Saint Nick in the side, which probably looked really funny. Tarvis began to use his arm to choke Old Saint Nick, and pull him away from The Flesh of Bulls at the same time. MC Yahweh grabbed Dillon, and rushed him to safety. Old Saint Nick exclaimed, "You guys fucked with me too much!" and told The Flesh of Bulls to throw him his glasses, because Old Saint Nick didn't want to be near him. The Flesh of Bulls didn't listen and handed Old Saint Nick his glasses. The Flesh of Bulls was unharmed, just upset that his tasty snacks had been ruined. Old Saint Nick stalked away to an angry chorus of "Scram, kid!"

Aftermath Edit

Old Saint Nick acted like tough shit every time The Flesh of Bulls ran into him after the incident, but never backed it up. He tried to hide behind an indifferent, shit-eating grin but the only person he's kidding is himself. He came out of the whole ordeal abused and broken, sure, but he also proved to be an unrelenting vagina, a humorless wannabe macho man, a guy who takes himself way too seriously. As a result of his choice, Old Saint Nick was condemned to have egregious amounts of money extorted from him, forced into a drug addiction by a dominant capitalistic "friend", and way more fucked than he would have been if he just put up with a few white lies that didn't hurt anybody.

Quotable Quotes Edit

Old Saint Nick: Stand up or I'll deck ya!