Nobody is the mysterious guest vocalist on That's Adultery's song, (Important dog). He speaks clearly, but each syllable ends in a higher pitch than it began. His identity is to remain secret. His identity is Mr. Pace-in-the-Face.

Description Edit

Nobody is not really very much. I hate to even think about it. Does it annoy me? I fear nobody. What can nobody do? There's so little of nobody. There's none of him. How can nobody do something? Nobody can do everything. What does he do? He finds you, and touches you, and caresses you, and plays with you, and wades through you, and lifts you, and sways with you, and then drops you. And THUD.

Other Endeavors Edit

Nobody also writes some stories. Nobody is safe from hate crimes in Pennsylvania. Nobody is bored when he is trying to make something or to discover. Nobody is sacked for political beliefs. Nobody is perfect. Nobody exists. Nobody knows the trouble I've seen. Nobody has traveled past Earth's moon. Nobody's there for you. Nobody had a brief run-in with the IRS in the early 2000s. Since then, Nobody has been rather evasive.