In the months spanning the time from December 2007 to February 2008, Moldy vs. Drinkus (also known as the Moldy rage debacle) became a notable feud within the Barta Gretek community.

Early History Edit

Moldy met Drinkus sometime in 2007 through their mutual friend, Tarvis. Being young and impressionable, Moldy at first idolized the stoic and uncompromising Drinkus, but it wasn't long before their tenuous relationship turned sour.

21 December 2007 Edit

The seeds for the ensuing conflict were sown at the That's Adultery show on 21 December 2007 in David's Garage. Alexander Analrape and Kill Harbert were both opening acts and so both Moldy and Drinkus were present. All was well through the Alexander Analrape performance, but tensions began to rise as Kill Harbert took the spotlight. Drinkus was dressed garishly in Dollar Tree accoutrements and his mail-order shutter shades, and armed with a can of Goofy String. Choosing the benign bumbler, Old Saint Nick, and the meek and fragile Moldy as his two primary targets, Drinkus harassed the pair for the enjoyment of the bored and anxious audience, a tactic that proved partially successful. While Old Saint Nick took the harassment in stride, Moldy was visibly upset because of an archaic, Cypriot belief that goofy string dissolves fabric like acid would. Moldy would no longer look up to Drinkus after this event.

16 February 2008 Edit

Over a month after their last sordid encounter, Drinkus and Moldy met up once again in February to enjoy a That's Adultery show in Jeff Mangelli's Garage. Foolishly, Drinkus was once again armed with Goofy String from the Dollar Tree, although his outfit was far less obnoxious. Up to his old tricks, he began to make a circus act of Moldy for the enjoyment of the audience by reveling in the young Arab's dislike of party-oriented aerosols. In a moment of embarassment and desperation, Moldy became unhinged and he let out a crackling, emotional cry. "I'LL FUCKING KILL YOU!!!!!!!!!" he shouted, his voice growing hoarse and his fists poised for the duel.

Drinkus retaliated by curling up in a plastic lawn chair, his shoulders set to absord the limp-wristed Persian blows. "I'm stopping," he crowed, "I'm STOPPING!" But Moldy would offer no cessation. The plastic arms of the chair would tear under his force and Moldy's long, yellow, ancient fingernails ripped a gash the size of Arian's mom's pussy into Drinkus' shocked and disappointed face.

Aftermath Edit

There was none.