Mega Mammary Maggie is a recording and a landmark event in Barta Gretek history. Through the efforts of several dedicated pranksters, Old Saint Nick was tricked into having (unbeknownst to him) recorded phone sex with 14-Year-Old Girl.

Innocent Beginnings Edit

The groundwork for the prank was laid early on during the Old Saint Nick era of the That's Adultery timeline. It began with a harmless fib to befuddle the hapless and gullible Nick. The white lie was that the meek Persian high school sophomore Moldy was a feared and respected pimp in the Sacramento, California area. Nick was told that 14-Year-Old Girl and Deezy Beezy were but two of his vast collection of prostitutes and that he operated out of Gold River, California. The That's Adultery song, "No Mold", was based on this particular fib.

The Setup Edit

Upon meeting Moldy, Old Saint Nick was led to believe that the pimp had taken a special liking to the boy and had offered him a token for one free bout of phone sex on his commercial phone sex hotline, Koumis Sextalk Incorporated. Moldy offered him a code number to collect his token and told him a time to call. Old Saint Nick scoffed—as if he'd ever do anything like that! Later, Moldy decided to be a bitch and discontinue any involvement with the prank, making the whole thing harder for the rest of the team.

The Prank Edit

Sitting quietly in the confines of Paste Studios, a large group of people awaited the phone call. When it finally came everyone was hushed, and an abrasive employee, voiced by Tarvis, came on the line to serve all of Old Saint Nick's sextalk needs. The employee asked Nick to punch in his code, which he did, to hilarious effect. When faced with the choice between Mega Mammary Maggie and the Wonderful, Large Deformed Diane, Nick chose to talk to Maggie (14-Year-Old Girl). Unfortunately, it seems, 14-Year-Old Girl was not up to the task of having elaborate and realistic phone sex with Nick, and so only the minimum amount of hilarity was derived from the event and the recording, the height of the comedy remaining the punching in of the four-digit code.

People Present During the Recording Edit