"Hardcore, Blood & Semen" is a That's Adultery song featured on the Woods Are Wet EP. The song features a looped drum track and the electric guitar stylings of That Ignorant, Ignorant Cowboy, as well as the rapping of The Flesh of Bulls. The song was recorded in one take with only few practice runthroughs preceding it. Murphy ad-libbed a few lines, most notably the line which expresses sexual desire for Avril Lavigne.

Hardcore Blood & Semen was written by Tyler Ramone and posted as the about me on his Myspace. That's Adultery appropriated it for their song in jest, amused by Ramone's adolescent, naive glorification of a punk lifestyle that wasn't his own

Lyrics Edit

I'm a rock'n'roll punk that's outta control

sex, drugs and violence taking the toll

my posse hangs with me like a group of mosquitoes

we break into bars and drink beers, not mojitos

Fuck Green Day and Avril Lavigne

I like my punk dirty and not clean

Mayhem and destruction is how I live

Fuck the U.S.A., they got nothin to give!

except violence and killing minorities

we can't stop them! they have the authority!

We kill jocks and rape preppies

and after we're done we'll go feast at Denny's

Fuck Led Zeppelin and the hippies

wanna kill them but security won't let me

I love it when girls puke on my face

I'll squirt my cum leavin' a gooey trace!

Hardcore. Blood and Semen. Hardcore Blood and Semen.

Hardcore. Blood and Semen.  Hardcore Blood and Semen. Blood and Semen.

Turbonegro and T.O.L. [sic]

I love Kill Cheerleader as well

they play old skoo punk just how I like it

I steal it from Dimple! I don't buy it!

I hate kids who wear Abercrombie

All tryna fit in be an American zombie

Kids say they hate me, call me a fag

They're just mad their life's a DRAG!

Fuck anyway, who needs em?

I'll shoot cum and blood all over them

I hate emos, they're just as bad

sayin stupid trendy shit like "Hey, that's rad!"

Thrash, punk and grunge

thats the way to live

Old school hip-hop has a lot to give

America is full of wannabe Hiltons

but, hey, don't worry. I ain't trippin


Hardcore blood and semen's blood

lots of blood, a pirate's blood!

Blood and semen and blood!

Yeah I hate Avril Lavigne, even though she's hot

I'd like to have sex with Avril Lavigne...

[more blood and semen stuff, blah, blah, blah]BLOOD AND SEMEN

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