Go, Go Second-Time Virgin is a song by That's Adultery from their first feature-length album, Prostitution, Promiscuity and a Bunch of Other Things. The band group's most played song on by a large margin, it fared better than the others as it was featured on The What CD Volume I. The song has received a few favorable reviews. Sampling classic chinese music, and using the drum loop from the Powerpuff Girls Theme, GGSTV is a unique mixture of styles and cultural influences.

Lyrics Edit

Themes Edit

The major themes in Go, Go Second-Time Virgin deal with feelings of inadequacy in the face of an indifferent social milieux. Flesh of Bulls' somber, insular lyrics are once again contrasted by MC Yahweh's sentiments of living a day at a time. Flesh's verses seem to alternate between pathetic, sopping self-pity and compromise influenced motivation. The second verse seems to align Flesh with Yahweh's sentiments, though the last few lines are intentionally swamped in post-modern ambiguity.

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