Gargoyle was a cool guy. Gargoyle had been minding his own business. Gargoyle had one brother. The brothers loved eachother very much. Chiseled from the hardest of stones back in time immemorial, Gargoyle and his brother had managed on their own for millions of years. Gargoyle, in the year 2006, looked just as dashing as ever. Cold, grey, stoic he crouched, watching car after car whiz down Sunset. Brother was happy too. Gargoyle and his brother were together. Night fell, and Gargoyle awoke from his slumber. A warm, clammy hand pressed casually against his breast. Gargoyle looked into the malicious eyes of The Flesh of Bulls. Flesh grunted as he pushed Gargoyle to the concrete, knocking his block off at Anus' hobbit feet. Anus grabbed his prize, Gargoyle's head, and he dashed off into the night after Flesh. Brother saw and cried. Brother reassembled Gargoyle without his head and for a year and a half searched the night for Gargoyle's noodle. To no avail. With time, Brother died of a broken heart, and the bodies of Brother and Gargoyle biodegraded into plant fertilizer.

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