Fripples McMurph was an early precursor to Barta Gretek and hip hop dippity dop. It was a short-lived musical project of The Flesh of Bulls, in collaboration with and produced by David Paste. The band group released a series of sub-par recordings of horrible songs. It was only when Fripples McMurph and David Paste decided to fuck that That's Adultery and Barta Gretek Records were born. Fripples McMurph released one (unreleased) EP, An Oranga Banga Lifestyle, before calling it quits. Before the dissolution, Fripples McMurph had plans to help NEDM with his early project, Oranga Banga Luke, which never came to fruition.

The Thinkin' Things-themed names of Fripples McMurph and Oranga Banga Luke stem from an even earlier unrealized project by the name of .alexennis., which was to combine the talents of The Flesh of Bulls, NEDM and That Ignorant, Ignorant Cowboy in creating whole songs out of only samples from the Thinkin' Things, Volume 2 soundset.