"Drink a Bite to Eat at Ten, Two and Four O'Clock" is the first track on That's Adultery's album, Prostitution, Promiscuity and a Bunch of Other Things. It features a guest appearance by Lil' Fresh. The song has heavy themes relating to excessive alcohol consumption, which it doesn't necessarily condemn. It does, however, offer fast food addiction as a compelling alternative to the booze.

Lyrics Edit

Background Edit

Drink A Bite To Eat is largely based on the sample "Music for Children's Activities" found on Sound 8. It also made prominent use of samples from one of CoCoCait's Youtube videos, in which she obnoxiously moans "jayyykaaayyy" and slurps on vile alcopop. That's Adultery were confronted by CocoCait some time later, who was stunned by this surprising and unexpected exploitation. The Penis He Thought Was His Own assured her that the song was not meant to be mean, and that the members of the band group just found the sound bytes and video clips funny and so used them for the song and music video.

Trivia Edit

  • Originally, the third verse on this track was performed by Old Saint Nick, the only verse he would complete for Prostitution, Promiscuity and a Bunch of Other Things. However, after his departure, the band group decided that all traces of Mangelli should be ripped to pieces and burned, so Lil' Fresh was asked to write the third verse which eventually made it onto the finished product. The version with Nick's verse is still circulating and is labeled as the "JELLY 'N JAM VERSION."
  • The "Music for Children's Activities" sample was also featured in an episode of Spongebob Squarepants episode "Fungus Among Us." It can be heard here.