Del Campo High School is a "four-year comprehensive high school located in Fair Oaks, California, a suburban area near Sacramento. It is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, and is a California Distinguished High School. The college preparatory program at Del Campo is excellent, as evidenced by yearly reports from the University of California showing continued good performance of Del Campo graduates. This program exceeds the requirements of any major university across the county.

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Student and Faculty Population Edit

Del Campo currently has approximately 1,900 students enrolled. The certificated staff consists of 86 staff members, the majority of whom hold Masters degrees.

What Del Campo Staff Believes Edit

Del Campo staff believes all students should have maximum opportunity to reach their potential, and supports the students' rights to succeed by maintaining high expectations for achievement, behavior, and attendance. Staff, students and families work together to provide a safe, challenging and enriched learning experience for our students.

What Del Campo High School is Committed To Edit

Del Campo High School is committed to providing students at all levels a rigorous academic program. Challenging programs in English, foreign language, science, social studies, mathematics and the arts prepare students for higher education by developing problem solving, critical thinking and leadership skills. A coordinated student services program provides motivation and support to all students. For example, the Deaf and Hearing Impaired program is widely recognized for successfully integrating students into the entire school community.

What Del Campo's Block Schedule Offers Edit

Our Block Schedule offers students eight classes a year (four each term), encouraging them to explore academic elective areas and to advance in the arts. The Pre-Engineering and Law Enforcement Academies provide students hands-on, active learning. Digital High school funding affords students and staff access to the latest technology to enhance the learning experience.

What Del Campo's Students are Encouraged to do Edit

Del Campo students are encouraged to take an active role in the community, extracurricular and athletic programs, many of which receive local, state and national recognition. The Decamhian yearbook, Reflections literary magazine, Cougar Roar newspaper, Air Force JROTC, Visual and Performing Arts program; athletic teams; Academic Decathlon, Moot Court, spirit squads, student government and clubs provide students opportunities for social and intellectual development.

What Parent and Family Participation is Edit

Parent and family participation is a strong component of the Del Campo approach to education. We want and need our parents actively involved in classroom and extracurricular activities. The Macintosh lab, Cougar Stadium and the Del Campo Community Drug-Free Zone are all example of Del Campo parent power and commitment. "

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