cupcake fieLd thugs. (Barta Gretek Records catalogue #BG009) is the first full-length album, released 24 May 2008, by band group Kill Harbert. It was recorded at Paste Studios by The Penis He Thought Was His Own, except for "BLUGUGUGUG". The album cover was designed by Tarvis.

Track ListEdit

All songs written by Kill Harbert

  1. Microtia
  2. Floppy
  3. Dillon's Boyfriend
  4. Westside Cuts
    • guest vocals by NEDM
  5. CHPD: Redux
  6. Army of Skanks
  7. Pube Soup
  8. Bile Ghost
  9. Stand in a Circle
    • guest vocals by KA47
  11. You Forgot Poland

Band group lineup for this releaseEdit

  • Tarvis

Fun Facts Edit

The title of this album is unintentionally an anagram for "Lucas fucked the pig."

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