Clark Reese (previously known as The Early Bloomers) is an indie/folk band group founded by Clarkr and signed to Barta Gretek Records, as of 2008.


The MeetingEdit

One night, Clarkr was performing with his band group, Clark Reese, at some coffee place. After the show, as he was carrying his loads of equipment to his car, three boys approached him, one of them holding a laptop computer. The one with the laptop said "Hey Clarkr!" so Clarkr had no choice but to say "Hey, what's up?" The laptop-holder introduced himself as The Penis He Thought Was His Own and his friends as The Flesh of Bulls and NEDM. Then The Penis told Clarkr that "I went to your YouTube profile and watched all of your videos, then I spent hours recording tiny samples from the vids and sticking the samples together to make brand new songs! Do you want to open for our band, That's Adultery, when we play a show in my garage on the first of January?" Of course, Clarkr was flattered and had to accept the offer.

Further InteractionEdit

Clarkr went home that night wondering, Hmm, who could these generous strangers called That's Adultery be? So, he looked them up on MySpace, listened to their tracks and was flabbergasted by the extremely high fidelity recordings. He immediately clicked the Send Message button, and began to type: "Hey I was wondering if you guys do recording, I've been wanting to record for a while, I just havnt had the money. What do you guys charge?" He furiously pressed F5, for several minutes as he waited for the reply, all the while imagining the enormous, beautiful, shiny studio that was soon to be within his grasp. O! the music he would make. Finally, there it was: "I'll record you for free if you want."

Inside Paste StudiosEdit

Clarkr merrily arrived at Paste Studios and knocked a jolly knock on the door. He was allowed entrance and he proceeded up the winding stairwell to the studio. What he found next was as good as a sharp smack to the testicles. The dank, smelly swamp of a studio made him nauseous and confused. Had he written the address down wrong? Did MapQuest deceive him? No, that couldn't be the case because this was most definitely The Penis sitting before him, hand down his pants. "Howdy, y'all," The Penis muttered as he chewed his tobacky. Clarkr was speechless, frozen. The ding of the spittoon at his ankles quickly broke him free of his trance though, however undesirably, as The Penis used his right hand to wipe the black liquid from his chin, and extended that same hand toward Clarkr's. That was the last thing Clarkr remembered before he awoke on a couch.

Yeah, Lovely Face!Edit

As he opened his eyes, the familiar swamp stench rushed up his nostrils and he realized that his nightmare was, in fact, reality. "It's done" said The Penis. "What?" was Clarkr's reply. "What's done?" The Penis smiled and said "Your EP, you goofball. I finished making it. Here it is." He handed Clarkr a stack of discs, each labeled: CLARK REESE - Yeah, Lovely Face!



Band group membersEdit

Current membersEdit

  • Clarkr (2008 - present)

Previous membersEdit