Callin' Chess Brothers (Fill For Tea Version) is a song by That's Adultery from their album Prostitution, Promiscuity and a Bunch of Other Things. Callin' Chess Brothers is a parody of a group of "ska kids," each verse exemplifying the negative character trait of one member of the "ska kids." The chorus is the voice of Collin Chess Brother, referencing a chorus from his early Third-Wave ska band, The Lobster Rockets, from their hit song "Radio." This is a remodeled version of the earlier song, "Callin' Chess Brothers," which was slated to appear on Woods are Wet, but instead ended up on ...and dog bones.

Members of That's Adultery dislike this song, as they think it was very muddled with subpar guest performances and just not very good.

Lyrics Edit

New Additions Edit

Newly added verses for a wider range of ska kids were taken into consideration for this new version.

  • Phil 40 - a verse was added, rapped by Collin Chess Brother, mocking Phil's obnoxiously garish style of dress.
  • Nico Cardoza - Cardoza's verse mostly focused on his large ears and the inherent faggotry in requesting to be mocked. The Wiz rapped this verse.

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