"Callin' Chess Brothers" is a song about ska.

Background Edit

Initial Burst of Ideas Edit

One frosty winter morning many years ago, That Ignorant, Ignorant Cowboy realized he could loop the drum and bass line from the Lobster Rockets song Radio. About five minutes after he did this he forgot about for about two years.

Ska Kids are Electricians Edit

Two years later, That's Adultery performed their first all-electric show in some kid's garage. A bunch of ska kids showed up and didn't appreciate the music, so the team, led by Mikey France,  found the house's circuit breaker, turned off the electricity and left. It was a hoot.

Angry Adulterers Strike Back Edit

That Ignorant, Ignorant Cowboy was really angry about this. He found the Radio loop he'd made years earlier and presented it to the other band members. They agreed to use the sample to make a song filled with funny jokes about the ska kids. This was difficult at first, as the members of That's Adultery seldom make fun of people. But eventually, a bunch of verses emerged, and later the band decided to release the song on their Woods are Wet EP, but MC Yahweh was late so the song eventually ended up on ...and dog bones.

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