The Brotherhood of the Streetsweeper is an organization believed to be headed by Pat. Adherents roam the nights in their broom-equipped vehicles and clean the Sacramento streets of their litter. The Brotherhood of the Streetsweeper have engaged in serious vendettas against vandals and litterbugs.

Operations Edit

The Brotherhood's central command sends tactical teams to parking lots of interest every night. A tactical team can consist of two to four personnel.

Streetsweeper Driver Edit

Drives the street sweeper; keeps the parking lot somewhat clean, and free of undesirables.

Leafblower Operator Edit

Blows large pieces of garbage around the parking lot. While the purpose of this has not been confirmed, it appears to be universal among the Brotherhood.

Streetsweeper Passenger (Optional) Edit

Keeps the driver company. Prevents the streetsweeper from being stolen by local miscreants when the driver steps out of the vehicle.

Frail Security Guard (Optional) Edit

Security unit, armed with a walkie talkie. Usually elderly, overweight, female, or some combination of the three. Only exists as a deterrent, since a Frail Security Guard offers no actual physical security to the tactical team.

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