Brave Man, Jellyfish! (Barta Gretek Records catalogue #BG001) is the debut EP, released 6 October 2007, by the band group That's Adultery. The Brave Man, Jellyfish! EP is a group of songs centered primarily around That’s Adultery band group member Old Saint Nick. Four of the six tracks were written by Old Saint Nick, one is a freestyle rap battle between Old Saint Nick and That Ignorant, Ignorant Cowboy, and the other is a cover of a She's a Dead Man song, with Old Saint Nick providing the vocals. After the completion of the EP, the band recruited drummer Bryce G. and performed a pair of shows at Montview Park in Fair Oaks, California to promote the EP. It was released as download-only on 6 October 2007. Only two physical copies of Brave Man, Jellyfish! exist. One was thrown in the trash by Anus; the other remains in the home of Mr. Cannon. The album cover was designed by The Flesh of Bulls.

Track ListEdit

All songs written by That's Adultery, except where noted

  1. Mangelli is My Last Name
  2. Nasty Mind
  3. What a Gangsta Be (Bruised Blueberry?)
  4. That's Adultery is a Dead Man
    • lyrics and music written by She's a Dead Man
  5. The Ten Commandments
  6. The Rap Battle

Band group lineup for this releaseEdit