Bessica Buck was a student and a martyr at Green Oaks Fundamental Elementary School from 1994-2001. In an effort to overthrow Mr. Cook who was creating his own civilization, she introduced her own currency, cleverly named the "Bessica Buck". caught wind of this with the help of some of his closest field spies and put an end to the printing of the currency. Distraught by her wasted efforts, Bessica tried escaping the civilization through it's back fence, but got shot and killed instantly by Mrs. Syftenad who just happened to be a marksman shooter.

Notes Edit

  • Bessica Buck's most memorable moment at Green Oaks was when she met her best friend. It was her very first day at a new school, and she was in fourth grade. She knew absolutely no one at that time. Her teacher, Mr. Dozet, had seated her across from another girl. She asked her if she wanted to play at recess and before she and Bessica knew it, they were the best of friends. They were best friends ever since.
  • Bessica's life long dream had always been to be a teacher. She had always enjoyed working with children and thought people who help the community make a difference. She wanted to be a part of creating that difference by educating young minds.

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