Albert & The Amazing Washing Machine is a movie produced by Barta Gretek productions and based off of the Nobody story by the same name.

Production and Delay Edit

Although scheduled to be finished earlier, Albert & The Amazing Washing Machine was delayed indefinitely for a number of reasons. Although much of the film was shot and filming was nearly wrapped up, a conflict of interest between co-stars MC Yahweh and The Flesh of Bulls, caused Yahweh to abandon the project for good. Despite kissing and making up, Yahweh has insisted that he have no involvement in the final product. This, as well as a hectic shooting schedule have delayed the production considerably. Work now to be done includes re-casting, re-shooting, and editing the film.

Cast and Crew Edit

Cast Edit

Crew Edit

*The Unfilled roles of Adam of the Amazing Washing Machine and The Hero were previously filled and shot with MC Yahweh and David's Little Brother, but with the delay are likely to be recast. That Ignorant, Ignorant Cowboy and Clarkr are front-runners for the roles.

Bonus Scenes Edit

Bonus scenes were written for the movie by the original author which don't appear in the short story. They were added to contribute length to the film and also to flesh out the characters more easily in the medium of film.


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