His intermediate form.



Air Bear is an angry boy. He also happens to be fucking. breath. taking.

B is for Air Bear Edit

We used to call Air Bear Tesoro, and other terms of endearment. But one day when Air Bear was almost two, his Mother called him that, and he said firmly, Don't call me Tesoro, My name is Mr. B.

And what does B stand for? we asked.

He responded—a little annoyed that we didn't get it—B is for Air Bear.

Since then, Air Bear has been speaking up for what he wants and believes, even if it's a little unconventional.

Although we sometimes want our child to follow our dreams—and Air Bear has done some of that—we're also proud that Air Bear is committed to his own dreams, developing his own standards, and speaking out for his own causes.

B does stand for Air Bear.

Gummy Worms Edit

It's just...all you guys are so inconsiderate...

Origins and Appearance Edit

It is said that Air Bear emerged from Lake Placid sometime in the mid-80s as a disfigured impling caught in a fishing net. Although his time on land has teased his appearance into something resembling human, his upturned lips and fetal alcoholic features betray a more sinister genetic makeup.


my most prized possession


I feel like nobody takes me or my wurms seriously

Big Wave

fucking. breath. taking.

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