If you are looking for the song by David Paste, please visit 103 4879.

103 4879 (also known as Rob's Sex Tape) is a strip of celluloid that features DJ Does a Good Job fucking The Girl Rob Fucked in the Video.

Leak Edit

14-Year-Old Girl appears to have leaked her older brother's sex tape to unsavory and pedophilic characters on a sexually envigorated whim. DJ Does a Good Job tried to seem indifferent about the leak but it was widely understood that he was actually upset. He should have known this would happen, goddamnit.

Footage Edit

Although the footage is unsuitable for the internet, it can be described as awkward and perhaps even jarring. The film begins with DJ Does a Good Job masturbating and gently fingering The Girl Rob Fucked in the Video. She exclaims that his spindly fingers hurt the inside of her vagina, but the depraved DJ keeps right on tickling her guts. The grim shadow of a fan overlays the entire scene, casting mobile shadows across DJ Does a Good Job's hairy ass as he uninterestingly thrusts in and out of The Girl Rob Fucked in the Video. At one point, DJ Does a Good Job picks the girl up and swoops her off screen. The audio reveals that, upon pressing her against a wall, a poster fell down and DJ Does a Good Job apparently became frustrated and returned to his position on the bed, ass facing the reluctant lens. The tape is over seven minutes in length.

Trivia Edit

  • David Paste named one of his songs after this sex tape
  • A collection of clip-art based on the footage was available for a short amount of time from DJ Does a Good Job's flickr.