(Untitled) is a song by That's Adultery from their ...and dog bones. compilation. It was created by The Penis He Thought Was His Own, the original form of the music from "What a Gangsta Be (Bruised Blueberry?)". It is a favorite of Superfan Kendies'. Also of note: officially, the song title is in brackets, not parentheses.

Records that include this songEdit


...and dog bones. by That's Adultery

...and dog bones. by That's AdulteryEdit

  1. Allegro di Molto
  2. We're Not on Hiatus (Hey Fans)
  3. (Important dog)
  4. Momjelly
  5. I'm Waiting
  6. After a Dead Dog, After a Flea
  7. Young at Heart
  8. (Untitled)
  9. The Class of 2004
  10. Callin' Chess Brothers
  11. The Pizza Man
  12. What Would You Do? No. 5